My name is Martin, QTH is Zandvoorde about 2 miles outside of Oostende, QRA Locator  JO11LF    WAZ 14   ITU ZONE 27

Between 2011 and 2016 I was active from Virginia Beach (US), QRA Locator  FM26AS    WAZ 5   ITU ZONE 8

First licensed in 1993 with callsign ON1DB, upgraded to Class C license in 1994 with callsign ON4BCM and applied for ON6MX in 2002.

Holder of the US FCC Amateur Extra Class License since November 2011 with callsign NO6MX.

My main interests are SSB & RTTY on the shortwave bands, building antennas,small homebrew projects and award chasing (DXCentury Club Phone 200 RTTY 100,Worked All States SSB/RTTY,5 BAND Worked All Zones,Worked All Zones SSB/RTTY,CQ DX 150,WPX SSB 1100 and Islands On The Air 300).

I Prefer QSL via the bureau but If you like QSL direct please include S.A.E. with $2.

Or request QSL via email and transfer $2 to my paypal account martin@on6mx.be .

Cards for my SV9/ON6MX/P operation have been printed and were sent out July 2004 and June 2006 for the second trip.

Thanks for working us.

Contact information on qrz.com

73 de ON6MX